Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services

Join us online, on our Facebook page, for Maundy Thursday Home Communion Service, which will begin at 7:00 p.m. ​ Our very talented musician, Julie Myers, will be sharing a time of hymns and meditational music beginning at 6:00.
In preparation for this service, you should:
1) Prepare your own elements before the service begins and have them close at hand when you connect to the broadcast at 7:00 on Facebook.
2) Use bread and grape juice (or wine) if you already have them available. Otherwise, use any beverage of your choice for your drink and any food (crackers, cookies, Cheetos, etc.) to eat. God will take care of the rest.
On Good Friday night at 7 o’ clock Rev. Dave Poland will be live streaming an original (!), dramatic presentation called “Judas and the Mirror.” You are invited and encouraged to tune in again on our church Facebook page and watch. There will be no bulletin, no music, no “extras” for this presentation, just an imaginary rendering of what Judas may have gone through after his betrayal. You will be watching his self-discourse through your side of a two-way mirror as he struggles with the aftermath of the deed that is his undoing.

Pastor’s Sermon April 5, 2020 Palm Sunday

Isaiah 50:4-9a

 Matthew 21:1-11


“A View from the Donkey’s Back”

The triumphal entry of our Lord into Jerusalem that first Palm Sunday was the most famous parade in history. It was strictly a pick-up procession, starting from the suburbs of Bethany, up the hill from the Mount of Olives from Jerusalem, and was about two miles distance from the city gate known as The Beautiful Gate. That gate has long since been sealed over, but the arches still show in the wall.

The population of Jerusalem was about 120,000 in Jesus’ time, and the city was jammed with thousands more visitors for the Passover celebration. It was a perfect time for the Messiah to come into the city. It was likely a straggly procession, with Jesus on the donkey, and the donkey’s colt plodding alongside of them; then, the cluster of disciples, and close followers either running ahead to spread palm branches or trailing along behind. Continue reading Pastor’s Sermon April 5, 2020 Palm Sunday

Pastor’s Sermon March 29, 2020

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Ezekiel 37:1-14
John 11:1-6, 11-15, 20-27, 32-45

“Premature Burial”

On the property of the Parkville Presbyterian Camp, north of Kansas City, Missouri, is an old, decrepit cemetery. Imagine, if you will, the telling of the following story in hushed tones in this cemetery, very late on a moonlit night, in the midst of twenty-five or thirty spellbound junior high young people. 😉 In the center of this ancient burial ground is the sunken grave of a twelve-year-old girl, whose tragic death occurred on the very night of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. The little girl, Molly Wade, was a good, if precocious, lass, who loved to play with her mother’s beads. Jewelry fascinated the girl, and she especially enjoyed taking apart and hiding the beads of her mother’s many necklaces. Continue reading Pastor’s Sermon March 29, 2020

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