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Community Yard Sale | September 14, 2019

Community Yard Sale
SATURDAY, Sept.  14
10am – 2pm

The Oak Lane House
6635 N. 11 St.  19126

Tables are available for a donation of $20 to The Oak Lane House (we will supply the table).

Or you can donate items for The House to sell.

For details, please call 215-224-4547 or email us at


Chess Club

Do you like to play chess OR would you like to learn?
A new Chess Club haschess_pawn_and_king_312371 formed in East Oak Lane. We meet
6635 N. 11 St.
We have chess boards. Now we need people over 17
who enjoy the challenge of the game.
Bring your friends, bring your siblings,
bring your kids or bring your parents.
The level of your skill at the game does not matter.
Please come and check it out.
Come every week or as often as your schedule allows.
If you have any questions, please call Jon Weston 215-224-4547.