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Awww…It’s a Manse!

We had a lovely shower and delicious breakfast at the Manse this morning. Our beautiful Manse needed some new and gently-used items to help her look her best and function efficiently as a gathering place. What better way to gather those items than a Shower!

Thank you so much to all who came and contributed generously!

Click the photos to view as a slide show.


Palm Sunday 2016 Worship and Fellowship

Our beautiful Palm Sunday service featured a moving reading of the Passion story.

After worship, we processed to our newly re-opened manse to ask God’s blessing on this beautiful old house. May all our meals, meetings, and ministry in this home be a sign of the Spirit’s creative and redeeming work in and for the world.

Peace be to this house from God our Father
Peace be to this house from his Son, Jesus Christ
Peace be to this house from the Holy Spirit