Rev. Judith Brackett

A Message from the Pastor – May 2016

Dear Oak Lane Family,

This year, Pentecost falls on Sunday, May 15th, and the day we wear red as a visual commemoration of the fiery and energizing gift of the Holy Spirit.

On Pentecost Sunday, we will have a pre-worship breakfast to celebrate what the Spirit is birthing in our midst. We will gather in deep trust and bold confidence that the Spirit fills the empty places and uses her people to continue the ongoing work of creation.

The morning will include a festive “showering” of gifts – items new and gently used to outfit the manse kitchen, making it ready for meals and meetings that extend and enrich our ministry here at Oak Lane.

The Spirit blows where it pleases, inciting both fear and excitement. Assembled together over breakfast and in worship, we will welcome the fierce and purifying power of the Spirit that has been entrusted to us.

On Pentecost and in the weeks and months ahead, we will attentively listen and watch for possibilities born of the Spirit, as we are willingly swept up into God’s good and holy purposes.

All are invited! Contact Helen Hampton to coordinate what you would like to contribute, though gifts are not necessary to attend.

Coffee will be brewed beginning at 8 o’clock.  See you on Pentecost Sunday!


Rev. Judith Brackett can be reached by calling or emailing the church office, or by calling (610 747-0366) or emailing (