Rev. Judith Brackett

A Message from the Pastor – September 2016

Dear Oak Lane Family,

One Sunday morning in early July, I arrived at the church, unlocked the office, and saw the window open to the early morning breeze. Looking down, I saw computer parts scattered on the floor. As the temperature was already in the high 80’s with high humidity, I assumed a smash-and-grab thief broke in only for the window air conditioner.  After taking stock, though, we discovered that the office computer was missing.

Many, many questions surfaced in the following weeks. We asked ourselves questions about our existing alarm system, where sensors are placed, how to improve computer file security, and building safety and access.  These questions led to more questions….cost efficient contracts for phone, wifi, alarm system, ….. and while we are at it, perhaps the manse too…

With particular gratitude to members of the Property Committee, we end the summer with more thorough, cost efficient, and updated office and building systems.

This summer of questions was met as an opportunity to question, share, seek, and act. Nearly two months later, I remarked to Session that although we would never have wished for this break-in to occur, all it uncovered and opened to us has been most fruitful.

This September marks one year of my pastoral ministry with you. For me, the past year has been a time of fruitful questions and enlightening conversations.  – Why do we do that? What purpose does that serve? How might we modify this to refresh its impact?

I am grateful for your patience in considering the questions, and inspired by the thoughtful conversations we have had and will continue to have.

As we prepare to celebrate our 125th year of ministry at OLPC, let us welcome the Spirit in our midst, who sometimes comes among us like a thief in the night, prompting us to a thoughtful re-ordering, re-orienting, and refreshing our ministry here at OLPC.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Judith

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